article written by Lissy Puig

Written by Lissy Puig

Be More Ramon – Where My Business Came From

I wanted to share this. It’s an honest, true ‘about me’ and ‘about Ramon!’. Sometimes you stop and think, and see where life has progressed to. About someone in particular who is an utter inspiration in your life. It can inspire people just to hear about others’ heros. I’m not ashamed to have been mind-blowingly lucky in some areas of life. Those close to me know the other areas for a very long time that were far from lucky, I (we) gained equal amounts from those as I did this. If you read this as braggy in any way, you’ve missed the point.

I packed in a corporate job I’d somehow landed at 17/18 knowing there must have been more to life. Messed about for a bit, while working in crappy jobs to keep me going, saved up and flew to the other side of the world with £300 quid in my bank and no house to go to 😂🤦🏼‍♀️, had outrageous adventures that helped me find my way and I treasure forever.

Once I had Polly and was working in another boring corporate job I had the same ‘there’s got to be more to life’ moment. To know or feel this at all, is a gift. I was a single mum with no savings left after making us a home, and asked Dad if he would pay for a makeup course to up my confidence and give me a kickstart – and small amount to build a basic kit. I scrapped the caging belief that I couldn’t earn money from creativity and threw myself into it. I quit my job the day I finished the course (terrifying) and didn’t look back.

My life would be unrecognisable without this man, who came from sod all and never forgets his roots. He offers unwavering support and love and motivation. He worked (and works) SO HARD to give me a pinch-me life, but somehow kept me humble along the way. He taught me money can buy you TIME and EXPERIENCE instead of stuff. At a school surrounded by way more money than we had, I didn’t get it so much. I never saw him drive a fancy car or shopping. I saw the WORLD, got an incredible education, ate at world star places, experienced what hard work could gain your family, saw a parent with huge success shopping in charity shops, sitting for a chat with homeless men as equals and doing an enormous amount for charity without even telling me (I found out about an award he’d won via my step mum). He teaches a lot of people there’s nothing in between any of us in life no matter our flavour. I wasn’t fogged by material shit – instead, had the opportunity to create HUGE dreams, like he had, whatever they may have been. I never lived a life of emotional limits or believing anything was impossible – for ANYONE. I don’t know how you did it at times dad, some of those years just us CANNOT have been easy. Letting me go at 17 to the big bad world, recognising I was a kid that needed to learn lessons myself, unprotected. SHIT that must have been hard. But as a parent I now see it and get it all, the insane sacrifices you made when I was small and hardly saw you, were all made up for with the time we have now it’s all paid off.

Dad calls on a Monday to let me know the day that week he can pop round, do bed and bath time with Polly, do bits to help and let me chill. Never asks for anything in return. He shares the shit out of every image I produce, shouts from the rooftop and has been my positive constant in this crazy-ass life. Teaching me life is for LIVING! At every opportunity. Having a person like this is the greatest gift in my life. And has only ever made me want to be a Ramon to someone else.

You’re a one in a million Dad.

When you’ve had privilege there can be a real stigma attached to talking about it. I rarely talk to people other than ones I’m close to about my childhood in case it’s misunderstood. But my point is, the rarity of a parent who provides privilege in the form of attitude and opportunity. An insane work ethic. The control of letting your kids fund their own life as young adults and live off beans on toast in their first flat, even when you could help. To drive a rusty first car when you can afford a new one and raise a kid who still thinks it’s the best thing on Earth. The ‘yes’ attitude that ANYTHING is possible. And unwavering love that you believe in everything they do – I know how unbelievably rare this is sadly and wish I could give it to anyone who’s never felt this feeling.

Not too long ago someone who doesn’t know me told me my success was down to doing several expensive training courses. I don’t know where this theory came from! Other than this one gift (which any of us could have saved for) any further training I did over time was paid for by my own business. I sacrificed not taking my daughter abroad for years to put back into a business I believed I would MAKE work. The success is down to the gift of WORK ethic and sacrifice. Staying up till 1am working while single parenting a baby, shooting on day-offs, keeping going in that first year when you’re earning sod all. Maintaining the terrifying feeling of believing in myself, (even when full of doubt, even now) for the sake of my daughter and the life I want to create for her. Obtaining unreachable high standards set by myself that I’m no where near reaching (and appreciate I never will 🤣 when they’re unreachable). My business and life is just right at the start and is all born from the gifts of attitude and stamina I was given. And want to pass to anyone else, because that’s what it’s all about.

To anyone who has started a business or creating their dreams. Be your own unwavering constant, because the daring among us have all been at that terrifying starting point!! And more people are rooting for you than you think. It will pay off. For those thinking ‘there must be more to life’, there is. Be more Ramon.

Thank you for these gifts Dad, and the reminder to enjoy the journey. I couldn’t and wouldn’t possibly want to do it without you. Xx

Who’s your hero, & what did they give you?