article written by Lissy Puig

Written by Lissy Puig

Essential Skin – Make Your Makeup Pop

The most frequent advice I give women to improve skin, simply.

I know skincare can feel like a maze. If it’s not something that’s been drummed into you early on, it’s hard to understand your skin, what to use, where, when/why!! Not helped by the beauty industry constantly releasing new products, AND advertising very smartly sometimes.

Having always had to keep temperamental skin under control (currently enjoying a bit of pregnancy acne), and with my background in skincare I’ve had a vested interest in it for a good 10 years. So, can usually give good solid advice! It helps now having experience working with women of all flavours understanding many different skin types too, and seeing results over less time than you’d think.

The trick is, to keep it as simple as possible. Work out what works for you and stay consistent.
Badly looked after skin simply will not make your makeup look good. And if you’re spending money getting it done, you want to start with a decent canvas. All my brides get a good run through if needed at the trial! As well as makeover clients if there are issues I think need future TLC.


So to pass on the most common pieces of advice I find I give;

• First and the most important; if you don’t already have a routine or very little routine do not overwhelm yourself with some 7-step crazed program. You won’t stick to it, you’ll find it overwhelming and then likely give up. If a good cleanser and moisturiser is all you’ll manage then be realistic and start simple.

• Use an eye cream from age 21. This is probably *the* most underused product in my experience. The skin around the eye area will become chronically dry as it can’t absorb face moisturiser well and will lead to premature ageing (quick run to boots) and make eyeshadow look awful on what you won’t realise is dry skin. If you find you get little white spots/dots called ‘milia’ this is another sign of overly dry skin not knowing what to do with itself. Any is better than none in my opinion, the nicer the brand usually the nicer the product (just keeping it simple there!) and always apply anything to your eye area with your ring fingers to avoid damage to delicate skin.

• Exfoliate once – twice a week. I’m a big fan of gentle exfoliators or this for all skin types. They avoid ladies scrubbing their skin raw and do the job in a nice even manor. Its in powder form, foam up a tiny amount with wet hands, work over the face and neck for 30 seconds and rinse thoroughly. The product linked says ‘daily’ microfoliant but daily is too much! Avoid those awful ‘fruit scrubs’ like the plague. Exfoliate as close to your makeup appointment as possible. IE the night before or immediately before a spray tan so only 2 days prior to your booking, for best results.

• Don’t feel overwhelmed by having a moisturiser that works in the day, and one in the night. It can equal the perfect balance of not too oily in the day/enough to feed your skin every night.

• Use a brand suited to you. If you have combination, problem skin, a light overly natural brand simply won’t cut it. Equally if you have dry or more mature skin a brand like Clinique will simply be too harsh. Get a neutral opinion on this one if you’re not sure!

• Have all your products including cleansers and moisturisers of high quality and brands. I wish I could tell you cheapies work here, but they don’t. My most recommended brands for ALL skin types are Avene and Dermalogica

• If you’re really committed throw in a mask or two once a week. Identify the issues you have for example us a ‘refining’ clay or charcoal-type mask for oily easily clogged skin, or ‘hydrating or nourishing’ mask for dry sensitive skin. Its ok to use two totally different masks on different areas of your face too. Make sure the masks are high quality – the two brands mentioned above have an amazing range, so as not to undo your hard work.

• Make sure your cleanser is not too oily for you vs not too stripping if you’re dry or sensitive anyway. If it’s not harsh enough you’ll still get blackheads and breakouts. If it’s too stripping you’ll likely get redness or dry skin.

• Never believe in facewipes.

• Remember to care for your lips – I mention this product so often, because it’s just the dogs. Chuck the Vaseline or Carmex which seem to do more harm than good & buy one of these! My favourite colour is Rhubarb which looks gorgeous in the day too.

In an ideal world, your routine will go something like – Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise. With added serum sometimes, eye cream, and exfoliators and masks at different points of the week. Refer to point 1 if this sentence gave you anxiety to read!

Disclaimer** I am not a dermatologist! Just a makeup artist with a background in beauty, thing for skin and looking after my clients as well as I can. For specialist concerns please see a dermatologist.