article written by Lissy Puig

Written by Lissy Puig

Secrets to Bare-Faced Beauty

If you know me at all you’ll know I’m definitely not one to wear makeup every day (gasp). Quite frankly I’m often too busy and too lazy in the morning, racing after a child and sorting the house out to bother, AND THAT’S OK! I firmly believe makeup is an optional tool, for women to utilise as and when they want a pick me up, or to feel extra fabulous. I’m also a firm believer that being kind to yourself with your internal dialog and being comfortable as you are, is vital. It saddens me greatly when I meet women who are horrified to leave the house bare-faced or nip to Sainsburys without a scrap of makeup on. Self-love is a big topic at the moment, and I promise you the only person who is judging, is you.
By no stretch of the imagination do I think I look like a VS model without makeup on, but there are a few bits of ‘maintenance’ I rarely ‘live without’, which help those manic mornings, or 6am weddings look a little kinder on the eye!


1. Skincare Regime

Again, if you’ve been to the studio you’ve likely been bullied a little on this one! Cleanse, tone, moisturise EVERY AM and PM, use a good eye cream and exfoliate once or twice a week. Please god never sleep in your makeup, and use good quality products for all. It really is easier than it sounds. If you’re already good with skin, throw in a mask once or twice a week, one of my favourites is Dermalogica Multivitamin Mask (apparently Victoria Beckham swears by it!). I’m also a big lover of sheet masks and the little eye patch masks… I regularly raid TK Maxx for these. They have tons of gorgeous skincare brands!


2. Shaped & Tinted Brows

I quite literally never let this one slip. If you’re fair like me your brows likely give up without being whipped into shape and tinted. I sort them every 3 weeks and never touch them in between, the difference it makes is HUGE.


3. Lifted, Tinted Lashes

Not everyone needs help in the lash department. Often though, women have lovely long lashes that have no lift to them. Lifts last about 6-8 weeks and I look like I’ve had a weeks extra sleep (I wish) with it done. Such little maintenance compared to lash extensions too, and the appointment’s only 30 mins.


4. Faking it a Little

In my opinion, fake tan really is life. They’ve come SO far and look incredibly natural, and can you really beat the feel-good factor you get from having a tan? There’s a fantastic Overnight Face Tan Mask by James Read, which is gradual and seriously natural. Personally, I put my usual fake tan on my face too with no trouble, my favourites are Vita Liberata 10 Minute Tan and Moroccan Tan Instant Tanning Mousse (fades off amazingly you don’t even notice).



Lots of it! And avoiding caffeine at all costs…

Please pop me a message if you’re ever stuck on product or therapist recommendations! I usually always know the woman (or man) for the job.

Lissy xxx